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Fund Raising for Charity at TITLE Boxing Club, Milford

At TITLE Boxing Club, Milford, we believe in supporting the community and look to be part of your event. We are here to help you with your goal to raise funds for a charity of YOUR CHOICE.

How it works:

TITLE Boxing Club Milford will host a one-hour Power Hour, either a boxing or kickboxing fitness workout to raise money for your organization.

We provide a fun group workout session for you and your organization and all fitness levels can attend.

It’s simple:

-Set a date for the event with TITLE.

-Start with your financial goals. Using tickets, you can determine the cost per ticket and we help you get started.

-Sell your tickets and keep all proceeds. *A small group fee will be discussed prior to the event.

-Any additional items, special needs or requirement will be discussed and determined in advance of the event.**

-The day of the event, participants come to the club minimum of 30 minutes in advance to get signed in and ready to take the class.

What is the Power Hour?

A trainer led, one hour full body workout combining boxing or kickboxing and other forms of self-defense to help you burn up to 1,000 calories per hour! With every punch, kick, and jab, you’ll be knocking down pounds, inches and raising your levels of confidence!

What do I wear? Is there anything I need to prepare as a participant?

You attend the Power Hour in your gym clothes or clothes you feel most comfortable working out in. Schedule today and we look forward to being part of your next event!

*Applies to groups of 20 or more. Costs will vary for groups of less than 20.

**Any additional needs or expenses, costs will need to be determined accordingly.