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TITLE Boxing Club Milford

For April, days spent as a leasing agent in the office are a buzz kill. So when managing partner and resident Danny suggested she try a free Power Hour class at TITLE Boxing Club, April didn’t have anything to lose-but dress sizes.

April“I’ve never done sports or any running or jogging,” she shares. “This is the first time I’ve done anything like this and I’ve become really active. I liked it from the first time I tried it.”

That was back in February. Since then, she’s dropped from a size five to a size one. She credits her incredible body shrinking to five days a week routine of Power Hour boxing and kickboxing classes. April mixes it up at the 119th & Metcalf location, switching between kickboxing with Ryan or Will and boxing with Melvin.

“The workouts are totally different, classes really are fun and I love it,” she says. “The results I get keep me coming, sometimes up to six times a week. My friends are all asking me what I am doing, have I changed what I eat. And I haven’t, it’s all due to the workouts.”

The teaching style of the trainers keeps April coming back for more. She enjoys the way each brings different techniques she can learn in an upbeat environment.

“The classes can be pretty tough but it’s something anyone can do. The whole experience; it’s just a really good time every time I go. And now I’m not only smaller, I have tons of energy,” she adds.

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